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60 MINUTES | $220
90 MINUTES | $310

Enjoy the healing effects of custom-blended essential oils combined with long gliding strokes designed to ease tension and increase circulation, promoting good health and well-being.


60 MINUTES | $240
90 MINUTES | $340

Deep pressure is used to drain away fatigue, focusing on sore achy muscles to stimulate circulation and the body’s natural rebuilding process.

Long gliding strokes ease tension. Acupressure is effective in boosting your immune system for vibrant health and relaxation.


60 MINUTES | $250

This luxurious body treatment starts with using an ionic dry brush. It stimulates natural lymph flow, which helps make the lymphatic system more effective at purging toxins and pathogens from the body. These unique brushes are made with extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles, which naturally create negative ions that help protect the body from free radicals. Added bonus - you get to take this brush home with you.

Following up with an invigorating body exfoliator by Necessaire increases circulation, softens and exfoliates dull skin to prepare it for envelopment in a multi-hydration body serum with hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Finishing up with a blissful application of Osea anti-aging body balm will leave your skin soft, dewy and glowing. This ultra silky and light weight formula intensely nourishes, hydrates and promotes firmer, more supple skin. Acai, Babassu, Passion Fruit and raw virgin Coconut oils deeply hydrate for a smoother, more radiant appearance. Mineral-rich Patagonian Seaweed seals in moisture and promotes the appearance of skin elasticity. Aromatic notes of Geranium, Lavender and Jasmine stimulate the senses and inspire an inner sense of beauty and vitality.

Treat your body like your face!


60 MINUTES | $260
90 MINUTES | $350

Wellness isn’t something you want to work at; it’s something you want to experience.

Accompanied by an uplifting blend of sounds and scents, this integrative blend of body and energy work is based on traditional "hands-on" healing with the expert touch of body nurturing modalities to provide a uniquely relaxing mind/body session that addresses the "issues in your tissues”.

Featuring the use of a high-quality, organic cannabis (CBD) oil, this experience takes relaxation to another level, helping to relax your mind, ease mental tension, and soothe your soul. Loaded with strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, our locally-grown, super-healing CBD hemp oil helps to relieve insomnia, ease neuropathic pain, reduce inflammation, minimize muscle tension, improve circulation, combat cellular degeneration, and relieve headaches. Your CBD wellness session will be complemented with a selection of other organic healing oils and pure essential oils,

It feels just like an amazingly, relaxing massage, but it's really so much more!


45 MINUTES | $185

Best For: breakouts and blemishes on your back and shoulders. Expected Results: Clearer, smoother and healed skin.

This treatment includes exfoliation, extractions, a customized mask and serums combination to address your skin needs plus the added benefit of the LED light treatment. LED light treatment speeds up the healing process of blemishes and scars.

WOOD THERAPY (Maderoterapia)

60 MINUTES | $240

An invigorating body massage that activates the circulation, reduces cellulite, favors the elimination of liquids and toxins, speeds up metabolism, alleviates stress. It’s based on an ancient technique that employs anatomically-sculpted wooden implements to improve the body’s size and proportions while advancing overall health. These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied, and that pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins.

Following up with application of an iced red clay infused with herbs will help rejuvenate and detox the body. BENEFIT : 100% All-Natural, Non-Invasive and Free of Contraindications.

*Note: light bruising may occur on sensitive skin as the result of cellulite break down.*


Body Exfoliating Treatment 15 Mins | $75 
Body Dry Brushing 15 Mins | $90 (Includes complimentary body dry brush)


When you first book a treatment with ONDA Beauty, we require credit card information to confirm your booking and to uphold our cancellation policies as well as for ease of transaction. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your treatment, you will be charged 100% of the cost of your booking, plus relevant sales tax. For no-shows, we charge the full cost of the appointment, plus sales tax. If you need to cancel at any time, please email or call the location ahead of time. We look forward to seeing you at ONDA.